We're Doing This

By Jeremy / On Feb.17.2011 / In The Test Financing Self-Determination / Width


Well the verdict is in, we're doing this thing on a $25,000 budget.  I'm going to raise the funds by getting 5 people to invest $5,000 and we're going to make the best micro-budget comedy anyone's ever made.  I'm very excited, because this is going to give us the opportunity to make it now and have the type of control to make the kind of movie that will not only showcase my skills as an actor/comedian, but will also highly entertain a worldwide audience.And that being said, there's also the possibility of having it bought by a major studio and having it get remade as a big studio picture.  Now that would be OK too, and hopefully after they see my performance they will want to have me as the lead.  But who knows?  All I know is that if you want to dream and make your dreams come true you've got to put your pedal to the metal and keep your feet on the ground (Any other cliches you can think of?).  In other words, I'm simply not satisfied to wait around for other people to jump on this bandwagon.  If it's meant to be then goddamn it, it's up to me.  So here goes nothing. The next few weeks should be interesting,  We're gonna form the production company, hire the actors, crew, lock down locations and get this thing going. "The Test" is an awesome comedy waiting to happen and waiting to breathe laughter into the hearts of millions, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand in the way of that.  I mean this is so exciting that when we're done everyone will know what I was so excited about. Over and out. We'll talk soon.