Turning to Hollywood

By Jeremy / On Feb.01.2011 / In Hollywood Producing / Width

Hollywood Sign

My issue as I see it is that I have an amazing script a great talent as an actor and I have to crash the gates of Hollywood somehow.  So there's a couple of ways to go.  First of all I can make the film independently and just count on the fact that I have what it takes as an actor, writer, director, producer, editor, fundraiser, publicist, marketer to get it done.  Or at least to team up with people who have the fundraising, publicizing, marketing, business, legal ability that as an artist I am in short supply of.  I mean I'm not averse to learning new things and trying to get my right brained lifestyle more inclined with the organized business world, but let's face it, I only have so much energy.  So then I have a couple of options, try to get the movie made on a smaller budget with all the resources at my disposal and pull an Edward Burns.  Meaning I will do what I've been doing lately and do it myself, but just bump up the budget.  Part of me believes this is the right way to go.  I mean after all if I want to star in the damn thing then at least I know I'm sleeping with both the director and producer (Slut!) so I can guarantee the cherry role for myself.  And let's face it, I fucking believe in myself as an actor.  And I know I can do a phenomenal job in this role.
So to this end, Steve has been going out to his venture capitol friends and talking to them about investing in an indie movie, and lo and behold they've been interested, but they seem to want to make a million dollar movie that will sell and that means they want some names. My concern is that at that point they might not "let" me star in my own movie.  This is very upsetting because the whole idea of going "indie" is that I can be free to do what I like.  However when there's other people's money at risk, they don't exactly feel the same way.  The only thing they want is to make money on this.  To them making a "great movie" is not necessarily important.  But to me it is.  And more importantly, I believe this is the vehicle for stardom I've been looking for.  I wrote a great commercial type Hollywood high-concept romantic comedy, and I know I could kick the shit out of it as an actor.  As far as the directing goes, I feel like I could do it well, but am open to having someone else direct as long as they're a competent director who understands comedy.  In fact I'd probably prefer it so I could concentrate on performance.
So in order to maintain my ability to star in the feature I have to assemble a team that the investors will approve of.  So the thought of my team of advisors was to find a known quantity director and a "name" leading lady that would increase the odds of financial success for the film.  So I've been trying to figure out at what level director to shoot for.  Should I go really big or just go for some person who has directed a film or two that the investors would be willing to trust.  The advantage of getting a director on my side of some note is that then we could attract a significant female lead.  I guess this is what is referred to as "packaging".  My only issue is that since I'm not a known quantity producer it's going to be tricky to even get them to read the script.  But I have really never been deterred by a challenge when it was absolutely essential to do something. Kind of a survival thing really. Tune back in tomorrow when there's more news to report.