By Jeremy / On Feb.17.2012 / In The Test Premiere / Width

Well it was an unequivocal success. All the stars aligned, and we had an excellent time. Now, of course, I'm using the royal "we". But I do want to include all the people there. Now what exactly am I referring to here? Well the L.A. Premiere of The Test of course. There I was at Laemmle's Musical Hall Theater in Beverly Hills playing my film in the same theater that not more than 30 minutes before had screened Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris". That was a really auspicious sign that we should be booked into that theater since I'm a huge Woody Allen fan and am emulating him somewhat since I wrote, directed and starred in this film.  The other great sign was that at the Writer's Guild theater less than a block away they were having a special event where the Oscar nominated writer's of this year (2012) were speaking on a panel.  So that was nice to be in such close proximity to great writer's. (Although, I must say that the writer's of "Bridesmaids"are not exactly great writers in my book).  And finally the theater is also a few blocks from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences headquarters and with the Oscars so close it really made me feel like we were in the heart of it all.

The turnout for the screening was great and we had a very special guest in Mel Stuart the director of the classic "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".  Mel was kind enough to turn out for the film and the rest of the audience was excited to meet him.

But enough about Mel Stuart, this article is about me.  After all I'm the guy who works so hard to make you guys laugh. So what exactly happened on that account?  Well the audience loved the movie (from what I could tell), and had some great laughs throughout. And they also cried at the end.  So what more could they ask for, especially since it was free.  But I gotta say, it was a triumphant night as I stood in the back listening to the laughter and watching our little baby up there on the screen give so much joy to all the folks.

Now what about distribution? Isn't that what all this is about? Getting it out to the masses. Well I'm glad you asked.  I had a couple of people show up who can help with distribution and the two I spoke with loved the film. So that's good. We'll see what happens. And in the meantime. We did it. Thanks so much to everyone who helped. More to come.