Return Home and the Book of Story

By Jeremy / On Dec.19.2010 / In story Writing / Width

Robert McKee STory

So happy to be at home. The week in St. Louis was really challenging.  I won't go into too much detail other than to say that the weather was terrible and other factors made the trip even more intense.  However we did end on an up beat.  And I can say that movies played a part of that.  We watched "The Bucket List", and even though it was the second time I saw it it was a lot more profound this time.  And mostly it was because it seemed pretty uncanny in the circumstances in which I watched it. And once again it reiterated how the "Truths" of movies can really offer a sense of perspective to your life, that ironically your own life circumstances only rarely due.  Now obviously that's because movies are concentrated slices of life, and are designed to create cathartic experiences in audiences.  That coupled with the fact that oftentimes it's easier to assimilate life experiences when you're watching it from the safety of a third person vantage point really helps one to truly "see" life as it is.I was also able to complete Robert McKee's "Story" which is a primer on the art of screenwriting. Even though I've completed 13 feature scripts as well as countless shorts. I felt like I got a lot out of the book.  Some just reaffirmed what I'd known after years of writing, but it was good to see other things laid out and broken down.  It's a long book, but fairly thorough so I definitely recommend it.  And I felt it was good to see that the script for "The Test" is solid in the form that McKee refers to.  I mean as a story teller you have to know intrinsically that your story works, but it's nice to see that it does adhere to a the classical form.  The key is that it feels fresh, yet familiar.  That's really the key.