Results of the Screening

By Jeremy / On Feb.22.2012 / In distribution manifestation self-reliance / Width

Well the results are coming in from the screening. And I have to admit they're very, very interesting. Essentially I set up the L.A. premiere/screening as a device to showcase the film for distribution partners.  And the results were quite good. A director I had met at a dinner party in San Diego came and fell in love with the film. He and I are moving forward with plans for getting the film scene by a mass audience. We both agree it has great potential commercially as well as comically.  He apparently has strong contacts and relationships with well respected and accomplished film people in the area of production and distribution.  So this is a good thing.I also had another director who had recently directed a nationally distributed film starring Dennis Quad attend and he seemed to love the movie.  He also wanted to talk about distribution, but so far I haven't heard back from him (that's showbiz), although who knows. And then finally I had a neighbor's son who works for a known producer come. He said he thought the movie was "fun and funny", but when I started talking to him he mentioned that he didn't like a key part of the film and suggested it be cut. Well I got to say, the lesson here is that clearly the guy just simply doesn't understand comedy. I tried to explain some of my credentials to him, but it turned into a heated discussion, that thankfully ended amicably. And while he wished me all the best on the film, I must admit that I once again reminded myself that unless someone is truly qualified to critique my material it is best if they keep their opinions to themselves. Because the fallout is that I might make the mistake of listening to an unqualified opinion and ruining my work.  My advice to myself and anyone else out there listening is if someone offers you advice make damn sure they known what they're talking about otherwise it's a waste of time. And the most important thing is to go with someone who shares your passion and vision because this is what will get you to the next level.