Razzy's and the Rescue of Comedy

By Jeremy / On Apr.02.2012 / In Comedy / Width

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I have to admit that I'm pretty snobby, when it comes to comedy.  And the reason is that I really love great comedy. And honestly, something is rotten in Denmark, or should I say Hollywood.  Today, Adam Sandler swept the awards...for worst movie of the year and all the requisite categories.  Now typically this wouldn't seem too news worthy, I mean, come on, it's Adam Sandler, are we really expecting great movies from this guy anymore?  And I'm not saying this to be a hater, I liked the guy when he was in "other" people's movies like "Punch Drunk Love" and "Spanglish", but as a comedian he's not exactly my favorite.  Well I acknowledge that there's a lot of people that do like his brand of sophomoric idiotic/retarded Jerry Lewis (is that redundant?) type of humour.  But I think the jig is up, and now the truth has really come out. But it's not Adam Sandler that I'm worried about. He's gonna be just fine with all his fame and fortune and his fan adulation despite the shit films he's making.  I'm more concerned with the comic welfare of our country and even our world.

This year a movie with a scene about a girl shitting in a sink and another one vomitting on another girl's head was actually nominated for an Oscar. Yes, you heard me right. In fact it was nominated for an Oscar by BAFTA as well.  Of course, I'm talking about "Bridesmaids".  Now there might be quite a few folks who thought the movie was funny, and as they say, there's no accounting for taste, so it's totally up to you to determine what you like, but let's face it, if your only options are fast food then you're gonna think that fast food is good food.  (Full disclosure- I used to think fast food was good at one point, and sometimes it still is.).  However, two things, A. Hollywood needs to make quality comedies for adults, that are funny and thought provoking.  and B., uh...I can't remember what B is, but when you say "A", you should probably have a B.  But I digress...

So where am I going with this?  Well, I'm getting to that.  Basically I've discovered, that it's up to me to save comedy.  Or at least good comedy. So this whole thing doesn't turn into a fucking joke. (Pardon my pun, but not my language, English is my first afterall, and I can say whatever the fuck I want here, it is in fact my blog.)  And I take my new found job (OK, maybe it's my old found job) seriously.  Take for example my feature film "The Test", there's heart, there's soul, there's intelligence, and there's raucous big time humour.  What's so hard about that? There's an original idea.  There's story structure, there's compelling characters.  There's funny dialogue and situations, and real people having real experiences about real stakes in real life.  Hard?  I guess so.  Maybe I should've put more shit and puke humour in there so it was "funnier".  I mean I like a good scatalogical reference as much as the next guy, but come on, I mean is that the best guys can do with all that fucking money? And it has nothing to do with the fact that they're women.  It's just that it's so fucking dumbed down. It's ridiculous. It doesn't have anyting to do with real life, and they're missing opportunities for real humour, not just gross out opportunities.

So my point is that I'm not here to bitch and moan, but rather to do something about it with my life.  So I invite you to join me, and if you ever see me selling out and dumbing down my shit because I'm now making zillions of dollars and I don't need to worry about quality, because idiots will turn out to spend money on my crappy shit just because they'll follow me anywhere, then you are invited to write a similiar blog entry and save comedy yourself. But as for me, I've got work to do. So like "The Test" and become a fan, because I'm working for you.