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By Jeremy / On Apr.30.2012 / In marketing distribution / Width

So now you've made your shiny new feature film and it's a hit. Or at least it has the potential to be. You've shown it to a few audiences theatrically and they've hailed it as the next big thing. They've laughed, they've cried, they've wondered whyd. But now you're face with the daunting task of getting it out there to the unwashed (and sometimes washed masses). Actually I don't know why I'm saying you, when I'm talking about myself.
See this is my issue. I just produced "The Test" a romantic comedy feature film starring myself and Kelly Sullivan. Right, two household names that people are rushing out of the house to see their next film. Well this most definitely will be true at some point in the future (or has already occurred depending when you're reading it), but as of this writing not too many folks know about the cast and therein lies the problem. We're an unknown quantity. In other words, unless you trust the product you're less inclined to try it. But how do you get people to sample your work if they can't even find it. And even more so, how do you bring awareness to it so they will know to even look for it.
Aha! That brings us to our marketing strategy. What marketing strategy? Exactly! Now is the most important part of the journey. I mean I made a kick ass movie (no not the movie about the kid superhero called "kick ass") for a paltry sum of cash that I mostly fronted myself. It's hilarious and touching and grounded in a very real truth for our very human existence. Sounds like a hit, right? Well it is, but the reality is I have got to get this out to the public, but without a huge marketing budget that includes hiring pros plus buying airtime for ads and other things like huge press junkets I have got to get uber-resourceful and leverage the tools I have at my disposal.
What are those tools? Well the usual suspects, the internet and general word of mouth. Doesn't sound too specific, right? Well part of the purpose of this blog and website, in fact the main purpose is to bring awareness and exposure to my films so that YOU, yes you dear reader can find the films and become a word of mouth person. I've made it fairly easy to watch and share the films. Tell people about the work and "like" the movie on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. It seems basic, but these two things will create a groundswell where I can mobilize my base if you will.
And I'm working hard to get you laughing, but I need your help. I need you to spread the word while I'm working hard to make you laugh and create hilarious films for your lifelong consumption. I want us to have a longterm relationship as artist and audience member. Something that will serve you your entire life. So I'm working on the marketing plan concurrently with producing the work, and as you can tell both are full time jobs, but with your help we can do this. I'm sure I'll be writing more about this in the coming weeks/months/years and will be able to share some key, crucial info with you, but for now click those sidebars to your right to follow and fan. Now I gotta go work on a script for a hilarious new feature. Thanks for tuning in. And leave comments below if you have any good ideas, or would simply like to volunteer to help me get the word out about "The Test" or Cinema Saville in general. Always looking forward to hearing from people like you to help me on the journey. I invite you to join me, there's so much exciting stuff we have to uncover together.