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By Jeremy / On Feb.24.2011 / In The Test Locations / Width

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So I met with Steve yesterday and we went over the budget from his perspective. Instead of randomly picking a sum of 25 thousand dollars and trying to make it, Steve in all his wisdom decided we should look at actual expenses and then raise that money. The only problem, as I told him is that someone (most likely me) is going to have to raise those additional funds.  Anyway, he said he could only cut it down to about $45K, so I took a crack at it and got it down to about $35K.  Not too bad.  Maybe I should be President of the United States, I'd have that budget cut in no time.  The outcome of the budget cutting was that we had about $1400 delegated for locations.  And that's a pretty paltry amount considering we're wanting to do a high end production here.  So that means I'm heading out to see what locations would like to donate their space for the privilege of being part of "The Test'.  And so I headed out the door with my location list in my head and headed for actual real places that would work in terms of look, geographical location, as well as the possibility that we could shoot there with our schedule.  When you're shooting low to no budget you always have to work around your locations parameters in terms of when they'll let you shoot and for how long.  And what I learned from the last movie I did was that if you're shooting in a restaurant, and even if there's no people in there before they open, just know that the kitchen staff will be in there preparing for the day so loud sound that you may not want will intrude on your location unless you account for that reality.  So here's what I did.  I went to the locations that I thought could work, and I simply got the business cards of the decision makers hoping to persuade them to help out a little filmmaker like myself in my quest to make magic.  Now the appeal for them may be the allure of film in general or the possibility that they could achieve a level of fame for their place.  Now I mainly hit the restaurant/bar locations necessary for the story, but I did also go to a newly built loft space development that I thought might have a "staged" condo that might work for our purposes. Well in fact it did have one, but the condo wouldn't have worked even if they'd let me shoot there because not only did it serve as the rental office which meant that we would only be able to do nights, but I thought it was probably too small for the actual location.When I went to the restaurants I scouted from an aesthetic level as well as getting an idea of coverage and where things would be staged.  Now hopefully the people in charge will let little ole' me shoot in their little ole places.  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.