I won't be trifled with

By Jeremy / On Feb.24.2012 / In funny audio / Width

Patrick McGoohan as Longshanks in Braveheart

When I was a kid, I loved those movies about Kings and castles from the heavily romanticized round table period. Truth is I still love them.  The fantasy and adventure element is great. But the best part was those swaggering English accents and the bravado with which those actors played the role of monarch and associated lords and knights who would do battle for all the spoils.  And there were some great lines uttered, two of them were "My Lord!", which I will do another blog entry about because I love to perform it. And the other which is represented here is "I won't be trifled with." So now for your entertainment pleasure here is "I won't be trifled with." Please share this if you like it or like it so others can enjoy this treat. And let me know what your favorites were.