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We're coming to Hollywood!

By Jeremy / On Feb.02.2012 / In Movies The Test / Width

'The Test' will be arriving in Hollywood in just two short weeks. OK, technically it's not Hollywood, but Beverly Hills so what do you want?  I'm excited to premiere it in tinseltown and hope to get the kind of response I'm looking for from distributors and/or potential partners in the film.

Location Location Location

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3D- World Map

So I met with Steve yesterday and we went over the budget from his perspective. Instead of randomly picking a sum of 25 thousand dollars and trying to make it, Steve in all his wisdom decided we should look at actual expenses and then raise that money.

We're Doing This

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Well the verdict is in, we're doing this thing on a $25,000 budget.  I'm going to raise the funds by getting 5 people to invest $5,000 and we're going to make the best micro-budget comedy anyone's ever made.

Turning to Hollywood

By Jeremy / On Feb.01.2011 / In Hollywood Producing / Width

Hollywood Sign

My issue as I see it is that I have an amazing script a great talent as an actor and I have to crash the gates of Hollywood somehow.  So there's a couple of ways to go.

The King's Writer

By Jeremy / On Feb.01.2011 / In Writing Oscars Hollywood / Width

David Seidler Oscar

A couple of weeks ago, I had a rare opportunity to see an Academy Award winning writer speak.


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