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Razzy's and the Rescue of Comedy

By Jeremy / On Apr.02.2012 / In Comedy / Width

adam sandler jack n' jill

I have to admit that I'm pretty snobby, when it comes to comedy.  And the reason is that I really love great comedy.


Little RED

By Jeremy / On Mar.01.2012 / In cameras gear red scarlet / Width

Well I received my RED scarlet camera the other day. And I have to say I'm pretty damn excited.  RED digital cinema is at the forefront of a revolution to put the power into the working man's hands, literally.  By power I mean 4K of yummy pixel goodness.

I won't be trifled with

By Jeremy / On Feb.24.2012 / In funny audio / Width

Patrick McGoohan as Longshanks in Braveheart

When I was a kid, I loved those movies about Kings and castles from the heavily romanticized round table period. Truth is I still love them.  The fantasy and adventure element is great.


Results of the Screening

By Jeremy / On Feb.22.2012 / In distribution manifestation self-reliance / Width

Well the results are coming in from the screening. And I have to admit they're very, very interesting. Essentially I set up the L.A. premiere/screening as a device to showcase the film for distribution partners.  And the results were quite good.


By Jeremy / On Feb.17.2012 / In The Test Premiere / Width

Well it was an unequivocal success. All the stars aligned, and we had an excellent time. Now, of course, I'm using the royal "we". But I do want to include all the people there. Now what exactly am I referring to here? Well the L.A. Premiere of The Test of course.


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